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Welcome to Fast Code video tutorials

Here are short video tutorials for your benefit. If clicking on the video links does not work, please use right click and save as. You can, however, download the archive of all video files by clicking here . Some of the videos may not have all the new features that have added recently. But it should still give a pretty good idea.

create similar class

In this tutorial, you can see how one can generate SampleService and SampleServiceImpl along with the spring configuration files from SampleDAO.

Create Similar Video .

inject spring into a class

In this tutorial, you can see how some DAO can be injected into class SampleServiceImpl.

Add as Spring Dependency Video .

create junit

In this tutorial, you can see how a junit test can be created from SampleDAO.

Junit Test Video .

Add import

In this tutorial, you can see how a class from the package explorer can be injected into the classe which is open in the editor. The example is shown with class with static fields which the plugin detects and automatically asks if you want create a static import. 

Create Import Video .

create list

In this tutorial, you can see how easily one can create a List with this plugin. Of course, one can create other collection classes e.g. Map, Set, etc as well.

Create List Video .

Get Involved

You can get involved in this project. You can send questions, comments, suggestions to this email f a s t c o d e j a v a [at] g m a i l. Please remove all spaces and add ".com" at the end. I can be available to answer question and give an walh thru on the phone. It might help to get a personal overview.

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