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If you like this tool and enjoyed using it in your project, you might like others to get the benefit as well. There are several ways one can spread the news. One can save it in delicious. It has been saved by the more than 50 people. One can also spread the news in twitter. Here are some of the tweets made by other people.  

One can also write a blog. Some people have already written some blogs as shown below:

In addition, one can post it in forums, newsgroups, and programming question-and-answer sites such as stack overflow.
Here are some of the answers that have been posted by people other than myself:
The plug-in has been included in some other programming sites as well:
I have given some talks as well (mostly in Texas) as shown below :
I would like to get more opportunities to speak. if you would like to have me as a speaker please contact me.

Recently someone posted my project in Please upvote that posting if you like.
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