Following features are currently available :
  • Automatically create similar classes in different tiers, e.g. DAO to Service and Service to Action, e.g. FooDAO to FooService and FooService to FooAction. Screenshot
  • Automatically create one class in a specific tier to another class with different name, e.g. FooDAO (with methods getFoo, saveFoo, etc) to BarDAO (with methods getBar, saveBar , etc).
  • Also create spring configuration files and other configuration/supporting files (strust-config, faces-config, validation, tiles, even jsp files).
  • One can create interface implementation pai e.g. FooDAO/FooDAOImpl or FooService/FooServiceImpl very easily, just typing foo in a text box.
  • Easily navigate between classes and their configuration files, e.g. hibernate pojos to .hbm files.
  • Easily create interface implementation pairs, e.g List-ArrayList, Map-HashMap/TreeMap, initializers in any method or class along with their getter/setter or add methods.
  • Easily create fields with their getter/setters from anywhere in the class without having to position at the top of the class and typing private String someThing and then create getter/setters.
  • Easily navigate between similar classes in different tiers, e.g FooDAO to FooService or FooService to FooAction.
  • Easily copy a one field/method/class to another, e.g from String firstName to  String lastName, and String middleName. Similarly one can copy class from FooAction to BarAction just by highlighting Foo and typing Bar in a text box.
  • Powerful template mechanism with which one can create print/log statements with bunch of fields, hql, toString etc.
  • You can highlight complete field name or part of the field name.
  • Easy way to import any class into the editor. If the selected class in the package explorer contains static methods only, it can automatically create a static import.
  • Similarly, You can right click on any class in the package explorer and have it injected into the current editor as a plain instance or as a spring bean. When added as a spring bean, it will also update the configuration file.
  • It is highly configurable, many of the features can be turned off/on and configured using eclipse configuration tools (Windows->Preference->Fast Code Preference).

Get Involved

You can get involved in this project. You can send questions, comments, suggestions to this email f a s t c o d e j a v a [at] g m a i l. Please remove all spaces and add ".com" at the end. I can be available to answer question and give an walh thru on the phone. It might help to get a personal overview.

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